Andrew W. Morgan (aka Drew) is a composer and producer working in Film, Album Production and Concert music. His background ranges from avant guard classical pieces being presented at the Tate Modern to large film and game projects such as Halo 4.

Andrew was Fellow of Composition at the Royal Academy of Music (2004-05) after receiving his Masters in Composition there, and a Bachelors in Composition with a cello scholarship from DePaul University, Chicago.

One of his first mentors was a hand percussionist who introduced him to music from all over the world, evident in many of his collaborations. He has spent the past six years working closely with Neil Davidge (Massive Attack) on various film and album projects.

Andrew’s non-classical interests have found him involved in sound art installations, playing in bands and ensembles on guitar, bass, keys, middle eastern instruments and percussion as well as working in studios. He plays cello and synthesizers in Modulus III.

He has two archives at the British Library: one about his collaboration with Jazz legend Ken Vandermark and another with recordings of the Himba tribe in northern Namibia.

He also enjoy teaching and guest lecturing, and has done so at a diverse range of locations including the British Institute of Modern Music, High Schools in Colorado, the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival, Columbia College Chicago and The London College of Communication. He is Composer in Residence at the Judd School, UK.

Sound art collaborations have been presented at the Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery and the ICA, London.

With duel US/UK nationality, he has lived in the USA, UK and Spain for four or more years and loves collaborating with people with different musical and cultural backgrounds.   

Please email for more information: drew at