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::.:: Coming Soon : Monsters Dark Continent. A very dynamic score with Neil Davidge full of bowed guitars, avant guard cellos, manipulated noises and general epic-ness.

Andrew co-wrote, arranged and played a lot of bowed guitar, cello and percussion on this Neil Davidge score. Excerpts coming soon.

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(note: trailer music not ours)

:.:: Halo 4 is one of the biggest video game franchisees out there, so working with Neil Davidge on his score for the game was no small project. From initial demos through delivery, it was created with orchestras at Abbey Road Studios, Bulgarian Choirs, manipulated electronics and strange instruments mixed into a very cinematic epic beast.

::.::.  Good People stars James Franco, Kate Hudson and was directed by Henrik Genz (The Killing). This Neil Davidge score is largely electronic which Andrew helped write and arrange.

Soundtrack samples coming soon...

This photo from the dub session at Twickenham Studios with director Henrik Genz seated centre, Neil standing in the green and Andrew in black next to music editor Rob Houston.

:.::: Citizen Koch is documentary made by some of Michael Moore’s producers about the corrupting influence of big business in American politics. Andrew arranged music by Neil Davidge for the film while he was off having a baby!

Unsurprisingly, the Koch Brothers have fought to minimise its release, including threatening the American PBS’s finances if they broadcast the documentary.

Soundtrack samples to come....

::..:: Food For Life was a documentary narratored by David Attenborough originally for Al Jazeera and a large conference in the Middle East about food security.

The score mixes traditional instruments such as the Oud, Ney, Riq and Tar with western strings and electronics.

:.::.: Una Sombra en el Paraiso was written for the Spanish TV channel Canal Sur and follows a class of students as they learn about the the influence of Picasso’s childhood in Malaga on his painting La Guernica.

Recorded in Malaga with members of the Malaga Philharmonic with subtle elements of flamenco and electronics.