Album Production


Besides composing, Andrew is active producing and recording. Spending time in the studio allows the time to focus on getting the music right while also considering the best way to present it. Sometimes it is very high-fi, other times it is a couple of microphones in the right location.

Some highlights::::

:.::. Solo album by Neil Davidge, best known for his work co-writing and producing Massive Attack.  Involvement: Co-writing many tracks, arranging, orchestration etc...

Media Links:

Independent article about the track “Riot Pictures” with Sandie Shaw.

And video for “Riot Pictures”

Album teaser video featuring “Slo Light”

Exquisite stuff and not so far off the trip-hop universe that it sounds alien, but those wishing for revivalist music or a nostalgia trip back to the days of chillout rooms could be thrown by the album's forward-thinking and genre-expanding moments.” - All Music Guide

::::: Perfume Genius' second album Put Your Back N 2 It was produced and mixed by “Drew” Morgan for Matador/Turnstile.

“Produced by Drew Morgan in three UK-based different studios, the dozen songs are wide-eyed and open in their clarity. Hadreas' vocal now sits at the head of the mix, backed by his simple piano codas and woozy keyboard atmospherics. What is particular fabulous is that none of the laser-guided, heart-wrenching emotion has been lost; Morgan's production has gently polished and distilled the Perfume Genius joyride of hope and redemption.” - The Quietus

8.4/10 - Best New Music” - Pitchfork

Watch “Dark Parks” Video Here

:.::: Islet's album Illuminated People was released early 2012. Produced and mixed for Turnstile/Shape.

“Although Cardiff-based band Islet are known for their hyperactive shows, their early recordings lacked a certain something-- like, say, the giddy surprise of having one of the band members thwacking a tambourine on your shoe. The band just released their debut LP, Illuminated People [...] with assistance in the studio from  producer Drew Morgan. His production on tracks like "Entwined Pines" emphasises qualities in the music that get lost when the band's busy bouncing off the walls, like the lush Glenn Branca-like hum of the verses, conjuring a pixellated paradise where strange beasts lope with lazy, contented largeness.”  - Pitchfork

::.:. The Soundtrack album for Halo 4 is the highest charting game soundtrack to date. Andrew worked with Neil on the game and soundtrack from the first demos through to delivery in every capacity.

Media Links:

Making of teaser “Composing Worlds”

“Green and Blue” video from Abbey Road session

“ of the best soundtracks of the year, featuring a stunning blend of orchestral and synth sounds.” - Forbes Magazine

::.:: Andrew has played cello, percussion and written music with Sacha Silva and Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay for many years, exploring the intricacies and commonalities between Indian and Flamenco.

“Impossible to classify, and good that it is so, "Pentecost" resonates at a more profound register than that to which the casual world-music aficionado may be accustomed, not so much global groove as world-historical perspective.” Rootsworld

“...create an unusual sound which feels so right, you wonder why there isn't more of it around..This is music of shifting dynamics, intelligence and plaintive melody.” fRoots Magazine

“Anatomy' is audacious precisely in eschewing the customary pretense of dogmatic idealism and multi-kulti "world-beat" mishmash... Sidestepping the deadly tedium of all that (albeit not without a committed, non-sectarian humanitarian politics of its own), this is an impressionistic recording of manifest artistry that gives the music the last say... This project is one astute answer to the challenge of bringing one's own cultural sensibilities to the international encounter, in a nuanced appreciation of the role that crafted musical dialogue can play in this, our impertinently globalizing world." - Rootsworld

::.:: Classical Pianist Miaomiao Yu’s debut CD was produced in 2014 in support of her very successful concert series in London, Bach to Baby.

Classical music is and always will be one of Andrew’s passions, so he jumped at the chance to spend time with the brilliant pianist Miaomiao Yu recording Bach, Mozart, Chopin and others.

Watch this making of video.